How to Begin

All services at the Sign of Jonah are by appointment only, so the first thing you'll need to do is click the Book Appointment button on this page.  This will lead you to the site where you can indicate your interest in receiving treatment services by clicking on the Waiting List tab.  Before you do...there are a few things to consider:

Are you a person in our target populations?

  1. If Yes, use the button.     For these folks the base rate is $20 per treatment.  Please do not consider this to be the most we will accept.  It is a floor meant to be low enough to make the services accessible and keep the lights on here at the Josephine Bulter Parks Center.  If you know in your heart you can do more, please honor that leading.  It really helps.
  2. If No, use the button.   We are here to meet your needs as well.  Our practitioners will be happy to see you at very reasonable rates.  This supports our abitity to serve our target populations.
  3. Once on the appointment site, if you fit into our target populations, choose the services that begin with SoJ (such as SoJ Acupuncture) and in the comment section of the information form, please indicate how it is that you qualify as an SoJ Target Population client.  
  4. If you do not qualify as a target population client choose from the services without the "SoJ" designation.
  5. In the comment section of the waiting list form, describe your interests, goals and questions.
  6. Rest assured that someone will call you to schedule an appointment.  Its that easy!!

You may also call the clinic at (202) 670-3168 to request an appointment. Leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Whether you are coming to Sign of Jonah for acupuncture, reiki, herbal consultation, coaching or massage, on your first visit you will meet with an appropriately credentialed practitioner to discuss your health and personal history and undergo the assessment processes particular to that wellness discipline. 

You may also indicate your interest in volunteering with us by using the waiting list.  On the information form, please describe your interests, skills and offerings in the comment section provided at the bottom of the form..

We look forward to hearing from you.