Practitioners at Sign of Jonah

Ayo Ngozi is a clinical herbalist who seeks to educate others about herbal medicine and inspire them to incorporate medicinal herbs in their daily lives. In her practice, Ayo works with clients to support their health and wellness by assessing personal and family health histories, and providing individualized herbal formulations, as well as recommendations for lifestyle and diet changes. Ayo has worked as a teaching clinic supervisor at Maryland University of Integrative Health and lead Instructor at Grassroots Herbal & Holistic Wellness Program in Maryland. She has also been a nutrition consultant at Hope House in Washington, DC. Ayo has conducted research on herbs and facilitated numerous presentations and workshops on herbal medicine and nutrition. She has published in the Journal of the American Herbalist Guild. Ayo earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Hampton University and a master’s degree in African Studies from Cornell University, as well as a master’s degree in Clinical Herbal Medicine from Tai Sophia Institute (MUIH).
Bernard Manson is an Usui Reiki Master, a Spiritual Counselor, Oneness Blessing Giver and Medium. While Reiki utilizes it’s own Universal Life force energy, Bernard invokes the power of the Universe to guide the client’s session. He listens intently from within and to his clients for guidance and the deeper meaning of physical and mental manifestations. Utilizing his metaphysical training, he applies a unique spiritual awareness and perspective throughout his work and personal life. Opening, his healing studio, WITHIN ~ A Healing Arts Studio, LLC, has confirmed his gifts for healing, supporting others and awakening to greatness to all. In addition to his certifications in Reiki, Bernard also holds certifications in Spiritual Counseling and Mediumship from Delphi University and Healing School.
Charlene Johnson, PhD. (Dr. J) is a Jungian therapist and holistic psychotherapist providing counseling and life-coaching services that focus on the health and welfare of the entire person. Believing that each person is here on earth to experience and contribute to a world of “fat juicy happy”, her commitment is to walk with each client to the recognition and fulfillment of their life purpose. Studying with such notables as Malidoma Patrice Somé PhD., Toby Christensen, Sobonfu Somé, Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant and others, she has dedicated her life to developing an approach to psychotherapy that addresses the needs of the whole person (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical). She utilizes such modalities as music therapy, talk therapy, art therapy, I Ching readings, flower essence and energetics. Dr. J, as she is affectionately known, shares her more than twenty years of study and knowledge of psychotherapy, universal principle and law, Eastern and Western spiritual/religious traditions/teachings, and the truth of unconditional love to motivate others to heal and release life traumas, unhealthy perceptions of self and circumstances to create a better life, a better community and a better world! She holds degrees from Howard University and The George Washington University.
Derrick T. Jackson is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner. He is a graduate of the Maryland University of Integrative Health/Tai Sophia Institute with a Master of Oriental Medicine degree, and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and French Language from Carroll College, Waukesha, WI. During a decade as a journalist and executive in the telecommunications industry, Derrick spent several years training corporate officers and managers on pluralistic management practices. Later, Mr. Jackson served as President of the Board of Directors of Holistic Health & Homecare, Inc., a Colorado not for profit which became that state’s largest independent home health care agency during his time there. Derrick has been a volunteer with Sign of Jonah as both administrative director and member of the board of directors since 2007. He currently serves as President of the Board of Directors and Volunteer Practitioner. His practice combines acupuncture with the use of Chinese herbal medicine to cultivate health, wellness, resilience and personal growth.
Gabrielle Julien-Molineaux is a Reiki Master who has studied and practiced Reiki since 2004. She has earned certificates in Usui/Tibetan Reiki, as well as, Karuna Reiki. She has also taken the course 'Communicating Reiki' with renowned expert, Pamela Miles. She brings to her clients a compassionate heart and a strong commitment to facilitating wellness of mind, body and spirit. Gabrielle has served cancer patients during healing retreats at the Bon Secours Center in Maryland and she also volunteers as a Reiki practitioner at Unity of Washington, DC. She has spent many years studying and practicing metaphysical principles and draws on teachings from several ancient wisdom traditions. Her work reflects her belief that our bodies are sacred and wise. She works in partnership with her clients for their well-being regardless of their health status. In addition to her Reiki and spiritual work, Gabrielle has had an 18 year career in higher education administration and was most recently, Director of Admissions at Maryland University of Integrative Health. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in communications from Howard University. She is currently conducting research on complementary and alternative medicine programs in higher education.
Holly Poole-Kavana is a practitioner of traditional Western herbalism. She uses plants to cultivate the body's inherent ability to heal itself, and values the deep connections herbalism can foster between plants and people. She sees herbal medicine as a means for increasing the power people and communities have over their own health. Holly is deeply committed to growing the herbs she uses in her practice, and she is able to tailor herbal remedies specifically for each individual from high quality locally grown and wild-harvested herbs. She is committed to growing and gathering herbs in ways that protect the plants she uses and the places they grow. Holly is also a nutrition educator and birth assistant/doula. She holds a bachelor’s degree in botany from Cornell University and studied herbal medicine at the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine, the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, and Sacred Plant Traditions. (Photo credit: Lacey Walker)
Karen L. Culpepper is a licensed massage therapist (DC, MD, VA), clinical herbalist and reiki practitioner. She is excited to be joining the Sign of Jonah family in a volunteer capacity as a massage therapist. Karen believes in the sacredness of massage and has set the intention that she brings a little more healing and compassion to the world through touch. Karen has worked in quite a few spas in the area, which include the Lorien Hotel and Spa, Relache at the Gaylord National Harbor and most recently at the spa located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore. Karen is a graduate of Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI). She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master’s degree in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute).
Rev. Mandara is an interfaith minister, Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), intuitive counselor, and Reiki Master with over twenty years of experience. She uses her training in spirituality, psychotherapy, energy healing, and total fitness to serve all of humanity. Rev. Mandara has traveled the world studying the truth embedded in many religions, cultures and societies. She is a poet whose work has been published (under her birth name, Viki Akiwumi) in several publications including Sisterfire, In the Tradition, Ancient Youth and Elders Reborn. People who hear Rev. Mandara speak tap into a deep desire to live a life connected to her heart and to the hearts of others. She believes in a holistic approach to life and living. She believes that by using the power of the mind humankind can consciously manifest and shape an outer reality grounded in joy. Rev. Mandara is a graduate of the New Seminary in New York. She has studied with many great teachers including Dr. RaShon, Dyannah Pharr, Queen Afua, Rev.Sylvia Sumter, Reverend Doctor Elouise Oliver (R,everend E), Reverend Andriette Earl, and many others.
As a partnering organization, Mortar & Pestle Herbal Apothecary, LLC provides herbal consultations and herbal formulary services to Partnerships in Healing clients. Mortar & Pestle Herbal Apothecary, LLC has over 10 years experience in herbal medicine with in-depth knowledge of therapeutic uses of medicinal plants and herbal pharmacy. "We do not separate the health of the individual from the health of the planet, the health of the body from the health of the mind, nor the health of the spirit from the health of the community. The practice of herbal medicine focuses on the individual as a unique, whole person – mind, body and spirit – and calls on the body’s innate healing power." Herbal medicine is both an ancient art and a modern science of using herbs and foods to move the body towards a healthy balance. It is based on an empirical understanding of the inherent vital force and its innate healing properties.
Phebe Barth is a long-time Five Element acupuncturist who worked closely with the founders of the Sign of Jonah Acupuncture Clinic, in 1993, to implement acupuncturist Sarah Levering Smith’s spiritual call to provide treatment for addicted and homeless men on the streets of Adams Morgan in Washington DC. Over the years with Sign of Jonah, Phebe has served as acupuncturist, Board member (President and Secretary), and in various other administrative capacities. A graduate of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in 1991, now known as the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), she offers her patients a blend of Five Element, TCM and Chinese herbal support, as well as individualized self-care advocacy. She feels privileged to partner with her patients on their healing journeys, body-mind-spirit. Phebe is excited to participate in the significant transformation of Sign of Jonah into Sign of Jonah Partnerships in Healing. Her private practice is where she lives cooperatively at Woodburn Hill Farm in Southern Maryland. Phebe has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Carleton College, a master’s degree in Religion from Yale Divinity School, as well as, a Master of Acupuncture from TAI.
Roža Oblak is a reiki master practitioner, flower essence consultant, artist and former program coordinator for the Josephine Butler Parks Center in Washington, DC. Trained in art therapy and early childhood education, Roža also led Washington Parks & People's arts, music, dance, youth, health, and wellness programming. She has worked in several hospitals, including The George Washington University Hospital as a reiki volunteer and Howard University Hospital as part of the Artist in Residence program at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts. At Smith Center, she has practiced and helped develop art and wellness programs for patients with cancer, HIV, sickle cell anemia, burn trauma, cardiovascular and mental health challenges. Roža, a native of Slovenia, is fluent in Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, and European Sign Language.