Our Name and Logo

The name "Sign of Jonah" comes from the biblical image of Jonah. It evokes the healing, transformation and hope that one can experience, embody and express when one accepts and cares for one's nature. Our name was chosen with the thought that the clinic supports transformation in those who seek treatment.  The second part of our name, "Partnerships in Healing" expresses our understanding that to engage in any healing discipline requires partnership.  We create partnerships with clients, practitioners, social sevice agencies and communities to create healing and resilience within the individual, the home, the neighborhood, the Washington, DC metropolitan community and beyond..

Our logo is the ancient Chinese symbol meaning "between heaven and earth." What bridges heaven and earth is us: humanity. The circle represents the heavens and the three parallel brush strokes represent the earth. This symbol can also represent "wellness." It was only after we chose this simple design that we realized how rich in meaning it is, and how well it symbolizes the mindful growth that is transforming Sign of Jonah into a center for deeper healing in our city. Our first logo was the Japanese symbol for water. A symbol for rebirth, washing, cleansing, clearing, rushing, and stillness — all things that occur within the walls and heart of the clinic. Our current logo aptly represents the clinic's evolution as a place for healing and hope. The Sign of Jonah community bridges the gap between body and mind; East and West; heaven and earth. Our logo represents the inner and outward journeys of healing and of being human and, thus, divine. The family and friends of the Sign of Jonah community are indeed the ultimate "sign" of Jonah — the place where the divine and the human meet in the healing journey, the place between heaven and earth.